My Online Persona

Thanks to Isaac Pigott's post on this, I decided to check it out.

What I found most fascinating was watching the tool develop the profile by searching the web based simply on entering my first and last name. This process may not work very well for someone with a common name, but for me it seemed to work pretty well.

The second surprising element is the sports piece; what's that all about?

Try it yourself.

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Digging the new Steve Earle

Lungs by Steve Earle  
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05 Lungs.mp3 (2717 KB)

Though I would not be considered a huge country music fan, I do own a few country albums. The latest from Steve Earle, a tribute to Towes Vans Zandt, is a sweet piece of music.

Check out this song Lungs from the 2009 release Townes.

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Library teaching Technology

Are you an edupunk librarian?

It’s risky business…talking about limited money/funding when you still have some money/funding. Some might suggest, based on this exploration, that if you can do without the money then we’ll take away what you have already. This discussion is more of an exploration in planning. Planning is important for leaders to consider, especially with the potential for limited funding and possible obsolescence.

Over the past week, I’ve been reading the latest issue of Adbusters (#85); the entire issue is a “book” on economics. The economics of moving beyond our current established paradigm of economic thinking and theory. The premise is to kick over the neoclassical economics bucket because it is not sustainable in our global system.

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Discoveries in Fasting

It has been eight years since the last time I fasted – it was in late 2001 – and for that fast I practiced in solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters by fasting from sunrise to sunset for a couple of weeks.

Recently I was sharing about a personal relationship issue with a monastic friend and teacher and he suggested I start with a period of fasting. I was not completely clear on how this could help or be related, but I trust my friend and know that fasting is a common practice in the monastery. The intention here is not a detox fast, but one of a more spiritual nature. I started practicing with the fast for a 1-2 weeks by fasting for dinner. It wasn’t too difficult to eat two meals a day, the most difficult time being late afternoon. This did raise my confidence and understanding in fasting.