Month: June 2017

  • Morning Gift from a Cactus

  • Injustice and the Four Noble Truths

    This morning I spent time revisiting the Tenth Mindfulness Training of the Order of Interbeing. This training sometimes causes confusion for practitioners who are uncertain how to engage in public action and discourse. The text from the book Interbeing is quite clear.  A spiritual community, however, should take a clear stand against oppression and injustice.…

  • Table and Chairs

    iPhone 7 Plus with Moment Lens

  • Insight Gatha

    The partner, child, and parent are the teacher. Clouds and mountains teach the student. The seed of diligence supports marriage, family and sangha. The fruit springs forth from love and understanding.

  • Using WordPress with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

    Twitter takes the title, image and then links, so this limits title length. Facebook takes the post content and makes it the FB post and then adds the packaged link with title, image and content. LinkedIn packages it together as a shared link and shows title, summary, and image. It’s probably best to always include…

  • Protecting the Open Web. Returning to my Blog. Experimenting. 

    Push to walled gardens, but publish in the open.

  • Happy Teachers Change the World

    This is an important text for teachers who wish to cultivate mindfulness in the classroom. It is a uniquely Plum Village approach and provides concrete examples from hundreds of teachers from around the world. I am honored to have had a very small part in the manifestation of this book through offering feedback along the…