Music Wednesday

I can’t believe it’s been a month since the last music posting. So, now it’s 2020 and a whole new release of music. Some of these are older (2019) but still excellent.

  1. In the Afternoon by MGMT. This is their teaser song before the entire album is dropped (we hope). Dreamy pop circa 1980. Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube
  2. for L by Jeff Parker. Pretty straight forward jazz on this track. Some of the others on Suite for Max Brown are a bit more edgy. Guitar jazz. Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube
  3. Magpie’s Nest by Bonny Light Horseman. I’m really digging this new album. I’ll place it in the folk category. Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube
  4. Immigrant Boogie by Ghostpoet. Hypnotic and dark. Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube
  5. Beograd by SebastiAn. Dance. Apple Music | Spotify | YouTube


Bonnie Light Horseman Album Cover. It's a head of horse.

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