Sunday Reads

Normally this semi-weekly post will include 4-5 long reads to enjoy. This week I offer only one. It’s definitely a long read and even more definitely worth your time. Please read.

The Coronation by Charles Eisenstein. It’s about the coronavirus but so so much more.


Music Wednesday

Album Covers. Bambara. Jills Veranda. Ozzy. Stephen Malkmas.

A little something for everyone this week. It’s a 20-minute playlist starting gentle with Jill Johnson & Loney Dear and moving toward a close with Ozzy. How can you go wrong with Ozzy!?

I picked up the first track because I’m a huge fan of Loney Dear. Pushing play I discovered a lovely cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love with You sung as a duet with Jill Johnson.

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For those who know me well, you know that I’ve been a huge Daniel Lanois fan since the 80s (when he produced a couple of my favorite U2 albums). In the 90’s, I created and ran a fan-based website for him. Here we see him return as part of the Red Dead Redemption II soundtrack. He’s got a few tracks on the album, but this one is my favorite. Enjoy That’s the Way It Is. Classic Lanois.

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California Central Valley band Pavement broke up in 2000, but the primary songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist has some new music out now. Stephen Malkmus sounds great throughout the Traditional Techniques album, but my favorite track so far is Xian Man. A great retro sound reminiscent of the Velvet Underground.

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I’m not recalling where I came across this next band, but I was interested in the band from the first listen to their new album Stray. They’re categorized as punk, but this probably means the modern definition of punk rather than the 80s version of punk. This is the opening track. Miracle.

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Ozzy. Ozzy. Ozzy. What can I say? I’m a fan. After the most excellent 2013 Black Sabbath album, I was curious to hear what Ozzy had in store for us in 2020. He gets a little soft with the Elton John song and a little hip hop with the Malone song, but it’s the opening track that sounds like Ozzy. Abrasive. Humorous. And a great guitar solo by Slash. Even the title speaks Ozzy: Straight to Hell.

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Happy listening.

Buddhism Environment Library Reading

Sunday Reads

I often seek inspiration from people or communities that step out and stand for something. Actually doing something meaningful. The Wet’suwet’en Nation is one such community. In the effort to protect the environment, we need communities like this to be heard. No Surrender: Inside the Wet’suwet’en Protest Camp That Refused to Cede Land for a Pipeline, from The Intercept, looks in detail at their efforts.

Speaking of stepping out. My colleague Meredith Farkas did just that by opening writing about mental health within the library community. Check out LISMentalHealth: That time my brain and job tried to kill me from Information Wants To Be Free. I know the feelings expressed here all to well.

As a Buddhist practitioner, I was very much appreciated this next piece by Kritee published in Lions Roar. We too can and should take action. Why Bodhisattvas Need to Disrupt the Status Quo.

Aldous Huxley argued that all religions in the world were underpinned by universal beliefs and experiences. Was he right? What can we learn from Perennial Philosophy? Are we seeing more spiritual convergence?

And now for something completely different, and yet, still right up my alley. This one is a tech piece. Is Apple an illegal monopoly? For those who know me, I’m definitely an Apple guy and strongly situated in their camp. So, I found this article interesting. Apple’s Secret Monopoly.

Happy reading!