Kenley Neufeld

Explorations on misc-joy are written and created by Kenley Neufeld.

Kenley is a Mindfulness Teacher in the Plum Village tradition and an educator.

Kenley was born in Jos, Nigeria while his parents were there teaching for Mennonite Central Committee. Though he considers Fresno his hometown (he moved there when he was 7), he has lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; Akron, PA; Lusaka, Zambia; Spokane, WA; Santa Cruz; Fallbrook; La Jolla; San Francisco; Ojai, Escondido, and two summers in Bethel, Alaska. Kenley enjoys spending time with his children, motorcycle riding, traveling, reading, meditating, volunteering his technology skills, and listening to music. For 10 years he worked part-time for Bill Graham Presents, a concert promoter in the Bay Area, and saw hundreds of bands in concert.

In 2005 Kenley was ordained into the Order of Interbeing, a Buddhist organization formed by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, as a lay member. In 2012, Kenley received the Lamp of Wisdom, and is Dharmacharya Chân Niem Hy, from Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village community. Dharma Teachers (Dharmacharyas) are members of the Core Community of the Order of Interbeing who have been selected as teachers based on their stability in the practice and ability to lead a happy life. He has been supporting sangha work in Southern California through leading days of mindfulness and teaching workshops based in Ojai from 2005-2019. Kenley is a lifelong pacifist, has been a vegetarian since 1989, and enjoys politics.

Kenley Neufeld received his Masters of Library Science from San Jose State University and his Bachelor of Arts in History from University of California, San Diego. He received the 2009 Association of College & Research Libraries, Community & Junior College Libraries Section, Ebsco Learning Resources Leadership Award and the Luria Library, where he serves as Library Director, received the 2011 Association of College & Research Libraries, Excellence in Academic Libraries Award. He received the Santa Barbara City College Faculty Excellence Award for 2008. In 1997 he was one of 25 librarians selected for the ALA Emerging Leaders Institute.

Teaching has been one of Kenley’s passions. In 1993, Kenley taught internet workshops at the dawn of the web, then taught computer skills to high school students from 1994-2000. As the coordinator for the Library Technology Program at Fresno City College he provided instruction for library staff throughout the Central Valley. At Santa Barbara City College, Kenley developed two online courses: Library 101, Basic Information Literacy and MAT 149, Social Media and Social Networking. Find some presentations on my Speakerdeck.

Deer Park Monastery is the home to 75 monks and nuns and also receives thousands of visitors throughout the year. The monastics and a few lay people reside year-round at the monastery. Kenley was a resident for three years and supported the community with information technology, communications, and bookkeeping.

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