What’s in a name?

Is it possible to bring together all my disparate interests into one place for the edification of friends, family, colleagues, and new friends? I have significant interests in Buddhism, librarianship, social justice, technology, peace and politics in addition to the joys of family life. For the past couple of years I have been blogging for the Ojai Post and also launched a blog for my library at Santa Barbara City College that has allowed me to touch on some of these themes. The time seems ripe to explore further, and so we have this new blog.

What to call a blog with so many different themes? As I rode my motorcycle home from work on Friday evening, my mind spun through many ideas. In 2005, I was ordained by Thich Nhat Hanh into the Order of Interbeing and given the name True Recollection of Joy and I wanted to find a way to include this here. The name can provide inspiration, guidance and aspiration for the rest of my life and so it will also function as guide on this blog. As I write posts, whether it is about the latest library trend or about a deep spiritual encounter, I will find a way to make it joyous.

And so, welcome to you my friend, on this new journey of exploration.