Learning to Write

I have this idea of writing every day, but I’ve never really been a writer. Of course I write something everyday simply due to the nature of my work but I’m interested in something more on the creative/reflective side. Curiosity is what is pushing this into action. What would it look like? What would emerge each day? What is a reasonable number of words to work toward? How do I not spend endless time editing and re-editing?

I’ve been inspired by others, such as Keen Lotus and Power of Love,who manage to create lovely content on a regular basis. I suspect it just takes a short amount of time each day and the willingness to not be overly critical of my writing.

Today I’m on flight to Philadelphia from Los Angeles and I’ve brought the current issue of Shambhala Sun along with the lovely picture of Pema Chodron on the cover. Inside she writes about fear, which seems appropriate given this exploration. She writes. “…the very first step, and perhaps the hardest, is developing an unconditional friendship with oneself.” can this be done I. The context of daily writing? Am I willing to explore this publicly?

So here’s 208 words to get me started. Seems reasonable.