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  • Living a Spiritual Life

    Living a Spiritual Life

    A teaching on living a spiritual life by looking at volition, sense impressions, and consciousness. Supported by the Fourteen Verses of Meditation.

  • Sangha Can Be the Next Buddha

    Earlier this year I was invited to contribute to the November issue of Lions Roar magazine as part of their Buddhism’s Next 40 Years: A Time of Reformation series. In this article, I offer three ways we can rethink community and fulfill Thich Nhat Hanh’s aspiration for the Buddhist community. Buddha, dharma, and sangha are…

  • Why White Awareness?

    If you are white, do you know what it means to be white? Do you know how this impacts your community or place of work? What about your spiritual community, your sangha? White awareness is an important training. White awareness is not a new term. In 1978, Judy H. Katz wrote the book White Awareness:…