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  • Evernote: Worth the Increased Cost?

    App costs are out of control – they usually don’t charge enough for what they offer. Lately, we are seeing a trend toward increased costs and Software as a Service (SaaS) models for supporting software development. In general, this is a good trend because we should be paying for the real cost of development. I […]

  • Apple Photo Stream Should Be Simple, Right?

    It's taken a month or two of tinkering, and I think I finally have an understanding of how the Photo Stream works. Like other Apple products I've experienced in the past, this was perhaps too simple for my mind to grasp. The first challenge arose when I tried to delete a picture from the Photo […]

  • Dropbox, Privacy, and TrueCrypt

    I wrote about files in the cloud back in 2009, and in light of the¬†recent attention Dropbox is getting about security, the time seemed ripe to revisit the topic. From a philosophical perspective, two articles,¬†Innovative Consumption from the New Yorker and Why Privacy Matters Even If you have ‘Nothing to Hide’ in the Chronicle of […]