Exercise and Retreats

I typically am not a huge fan of exercise. However, while staying at the Deer Park Monastery I usually get more than my fair share due to the size of the property and the hills. In addition, we frequently have a time of recreational exercise including volleyball (my favorite) and basketball. Check this out from the recent visit. A very peaceful, fun, and non-competitive basketball game with my monastic friends.







2 responses to “Exercise and Retreats”

  1. jorgeoceja Avatar

    Loved it…

  2. faraimpresii Avatar

    Have you wondered how your live could be if you worked out a bit more ? I see all types of pills and lose 20 lbs a week programs but why doesn't anyone take some time of and run, swim or walk around the park (at least). So many people are suffering from ejaculare but they believe every add that will make their lives better “guaranteed”. Why are we so trusting ?