Are you in Vietnam? Please Help.

The monks and nuns of BN are evicted from the temple and now are
staying temporarily in chua Phuoc Hue, the big temple of central Bao
Loc, right on the main highway Saigon-Dalat with the big statue and
locates next to the church. This is the temple that our delegation
visited with Thich Nhat Hanh on the trip 2007. Please get as many foreign faces
as possible to be there URGENTLY to WITNESS of what is happening. The
policeman are trying to finish the issue as quickly as they can to
avoid the media and public attention so they deny all legal
sponsorship of the abbot (ven. Thich Thai Thuan). They are making
pressure to him to ask the monastics leave IMMEDIATELY, not allow them
to spend even overnight but we know that is the safest place for our
brothers and sisters rightnow because it is not as far as Dambri and
they cannot control the road. So please tell any friend who is in VN
now come to Bao Loc RIGHT AWAY. Thank you so much.

Thanh Buoi bus leaves SG for Dalat once every hour. Their depot is in Le
Hong Phong St, District 5.

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