Library Director: A Day in the Life

Though I missed the first few Library Day in the Life last year, I thought I’d participate this year using Twitter as my primary tool of tracking. This year the selected date was Monday, January 25, 2010. This so happened to be the first day of the spring semester at Santa Barbara City College. Not a normal day.

My day started at 4:00am, followed by 60-minutes of sitting meditation at 4:30am. I started sending tweets at 6:10am.

Here follows my Library Day in the Life as the Library Director:

Driving the @SantaBarbaraCC van pool from Ojai. 06:40 from Tweetie

First day of the spring semester; should be pretty mellow. No scheduled meetings. 07:50 from Tweetie

@brewinlibrarian cheap headphones are way better than cleaning. Buy from – $1/ea, item #728054 08:02 from web in reply to brewinlibrarian

30-minutes at the Reference Desk and now software updates on MacBook Pro. 08:11 from Tweetie

An office view. Just the way I like it. 08:18 from Tweetie

An Office View
An Office View

An office view. Part II. A very lucky Library Director. 08:18 from Tweetie

An Office View, Part II

Do you scan twitter for mentions of your institution? I use Twitterspy in my Gmail to alert me & add users to @lurialibrary08:30 from TweetDeck

@Cespur I can take most questions about SBCC, but may refer the person to the right location for the answers.08:35 from TweetDeck in reply to Cespur

Reading email & Twitter. Installing latest Chromium build while students & staff drop-in. 1 person out today. Making coffee. 09:38 from TweetDeck

A variety of needs, details, and people keep me on my toes, but need to remember to remain calm. Meeting with Outreach Librarian. 09:50 from TweetDeck

Reference desk. Mostly questions about textbooks. Inquiries coming in person and through our IM service. 10:43 from TweetDeck

Reference Desk View

I really really LOVE Fluid (OSx only) in conjunction with Fever. Can track my RSS feed right from menu bar. Fast & easy.10:54 from TweetDeck

Repairing computer furniture, with screwdriver even! Is there no limit to what the Library Director will do? 11:06 from TweetDeck

Balancing some over expenditures in the library budget. Ugh! 11:57 from TweetDeck

Checking in with my online class; answering student questions. Listening to Donna Summer. I Feel Love. 12:44 from Posterous

Taking a mindful walk outside; an important part of any work day. See you in a bit. 13:23 from TweetDeck

Number crunching. How much money remains in our book and database budgets? Consumed about 45-minutes.14:25 from TweetDeck

Revising faculty equipment requests spreadsheet for ranking by Planning & Resources committee on Tuesday. 14:50 from TweetDeck

Major sidetrack. Multimedia installers completed with new projector config in classroom. Testing & training. Rearrange.15:53 from TweetDeck

Reviewing minutes and documents for SBCC Distance Education Workgroup. 16:17 from TweetDeck

The van pool is departing – gotta love a schedule. Leaving a few things unfinished, but that is the norm. 16:32 from Tweetie

Finish up the email I was drafting at work. — at Ojai Coffee Roasting Co 17:24 from Gowalla

Took a few hours off to be with family, eat dinner, etc. Putting kids to bed now, but starting to review my online classes.21:14 from TweetDeck

New blog post: Social Media – What does that mean? #MAT149 22:00 from Twitter Tools


Finished checking in with classes. 18-hours later, here ends “Library Day in the Life Project” Round 4. Time for a book in bed. 22:14 from TweetDeck