Looking Back. Looking Forward.

At twenty-six years old, rocketing out of Silicon Valley at the dawn of the graphical web browser, I went to work as Electronic Media Librarian at University High School in San Francisco. It’s been twenty years since that day, and I have had a very rich and satisfying career serving students and faculty in four institutions. Twelve of those years were in the role of Library Director – four years at Notre Dame High School, Belmont and eight years at a Santa Barbara City College (SBCC). I have always had an outward facing attitude and spent significant time working outside the library. In all those years, my office has always been located in the library. That’s about to change.

Today I have accepted the position of Dean, Educational Programs at Santa Barbara City College. This is a good day! I feel excited, confident, honored, and ready for the challenge of my new role and new responsibilities.

What does this Dean, Educational Programs actually mean at Santa Barbara City College? I will be responsible to the Executive Vice President for Educational Programs and will serve as the academic and administrative leader for English as Second Language, School of Modern Languages, Physical Education/Health Education/Dance, Library, Faculty Resource Center, Student Learning Outcomes Coordination, Faculty Professional Development, Distance Education Lead, Liaison with the Information Technology Division, Grant Development and Administration, and New Program Development.

It’s a big job, but that’s how we roll at community colleges.

My office will move from the library to the administration building. That will certainly be strange for me, but I can still visit the library anytime (maybe even take some adjunct hours at the reference desk) and will continue to provide administrative leadership for the library. In this new role, I will have the opportunity to meet and work with so many more faculty, staff, and administrators across the campus. I will have the opportunity to learn more about these programs, departments, and services and bring my library experiences as an interdisciplinary academic leader. It’s a real opportunity to impact change, provide leadership, and facilitate community in the best community college environment in the country.

I have much gratitude for the confidence, trust, and respect from the colleagues I’ve worked with over the past nine years at SBCC and look forward to many more years to come.  The position will begin in July.






9 responses to “Looking Back. Looking Forward.”

  1. Pearl Avatar

    Congrats, Dean Neufeld. Looking forward to hearing about your new role and experiences!

  2. davidleeking Avatar

    That’s awesome, Kenley! Go rock the dean job!

  3. Kenley Neufeld Avatar

    Thanks David. A new and interesting challenge.

  4. Pat Avatar

    kenley, this is great. I know you’ll do a wonderful job, and no doubt learn a lot. New challenges are a gift. Mindfulness at the next level. Very exciting.

  5. Tyler Avatar

    Huge congrats, Kenley. Looking forward to hearing more. You got rocking chairs on your porch in the east end?

  6. Kenley Neufeld Avatar

    No rocking chairs. Should we?

  7. Kenley Neufeld Avatar

    Thanks for all the support.

  8. Theodate Lawlor Avatar
    Theodate Lawlor

    loving all the joy in this post – congratulations