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  • Writing on Medium

    I’ve been experimenting with writing over on Medium the last year or so because it has the capacity to reach a different and broader audience. If you haven’t checked it out, head over and see my profile (much of the current posts were crossposted here, except for the last one). Kenley on Medium Not sure how much…

  • Bedside View. Books.

  • The Body and Sickness

    The body is quite a wonder. Observing it from perfect health to sickness and then beginnings of health again has been a deep practice in mindfulness. Hello body, I know you are there and I smile in amazement. I first felt the emergence of sickness over two weeks ago. Some grumpiness in my emotions and…

  • Today’s Happiness

    The day is coming to a close and I feel happy. What brought me happiness today? the beautiful sunshine arriving at work super early dinner organized by Leslie (yummy food from Farmer & the Cook) completing two OCLC WMS tasks that have been waiting for weeks completing a sangha directory request from the UK that’s…

  • Mindfulness Workshop at USC

    In conjunction with Wake Up!, I will be leading a Mindfulness Workshop at USC in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 10 for young adults ages 17-35. Learn more and register online. Space is limited.

  • What I Read in 2012

    This is a reasonably accurate list of the books I read in the last year: nine eleven non-fiction and six fiction titles. That said, since I didn’t keep track as the year went by there may be a couple missing titles. Non-Fiction What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us Guy Kawasaki (ebook) The New Jim…

  • How does my garden grow? #natives

    Taken at Lower Drown