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iTunes Match versus Google Music

Am considering iTunes Match ($25/yr), especially since the Google Music (currently free) web app is having trouble on iDevices. For example, it's showing a blank screen when browsing via Album or Artist. But, I'm gonna try using gMusic app first (only $1.99) before making decision. I've essentially shut down my SubSonic server and will rely on a service rather than self hosting. Most likely I'll try Match at some point too, but annual fees are starting to add up across the Internet services I'm willing to pay for.

Where are you landing? Google Music, Amazon Cloud, iTunes Match, or other?

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Google Music, but I'm not an iPerson so the only other competitor for me would be Amazon Cloud. If I bought music from Amazon it might have had a chance, but I mostly use eMusic. Completely happy with GMusic but, like everything else, it would be nice if there was an API.

🙂 by "not an iPerson" I just meant I don't have any of the Apple devices (so fall outside the wall of that universe). I can understand having them and buying from iTunes, though… it's sort of part of the package that you (the generic "you") are getting from Apple.

I normally buy music from Amazon (easy, DRM free, fast, low-friction) but I've taken to just uploading everything I have to Google as well. I actually prefer the Google interface on the web, so I tend to use it more to stream. But I've got a ton of stuff in iTunes, and at $25 to try it out for a year, I figure I'll give it a run. I tested it in an early developer preview, and really liked it.

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